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Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam is organisation formed to propagate and promote the moral teaching and Dharma of Shree Narayana Guru. Dr. P. Palpu, a devotee of Sree Narayana, was one of the founder. According to the biography of Narayana Guru written by Moorkoth Kumaran, the organization was registered on 15 May, 1903 under Travancore Regulation 1 of 1063 (Indian Company Act IV 1882). Sree Narayana Guru was the Patron and life time President of the Yogam. Mahakavi Sri. Kumaranasan was the first General Secretary. Kumaran Asan was the peerless pioneer among modern Malayalam poets. He was one of the dedicated disciples of Sree Narayana Guru. In fact the spiritual philosophy and the battle against caste that illumine Kumaran Asan’s poetry were inspired mainly by association with and inspiration from the great Guru.

The Guru objected to the definition of the word 'community' (samudayam) that was given in the constitution. It was limited to those communities known as Ezhava, Thiya, Billava . He wanted it to be changed into the community of the human family. His follower's thought it was not pragmatically feasible to have such a global basis for their organization. When he saw that they were not prepared to have such a wide vision, after cautioning them of how it would adversely affect their purpose he agreed to give his blessings, probably with the hope that some day they would realize the narrowness of their tribalistic affinity. The Guru wanted the Yogam to function as the vanguard of his 'Liberation Movement'. But the leadership of the Yogam could not rise up to the expectation of the Guru. It could function only in a caste organization. Hence, in 1916, the Guru sent his resignation letter to Dr. P. Palpu. The Guru attributed 'caste pride' to the leaders of the Yogam and declared that he belonged to no caste non-religious.

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General Secretary SNDP YOGAM

Vellapally Natesan is an asset to the community he guides. Through his enduring efforts he created a conducive atmosphere to the social tranquillity and it was not a contrivance. His moral standards of honour, allegiance to duty and truthfulness are well-known.

Vellapally is the son of Kesavan and Devaki who belong to the reputed family of Vellapally in Kanichukulangara. The family has been closely linked with the industrial sector in Kanichukulangara where coir factories predominantly occupy as mainstay of the economy.

He is a devout man to his family. His children can rarely recall him discussing politics at home. Vandana, Tushar and wife Preethi are the members of his family.


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The main objectives of the organisation are:
• Introduce Shri Narayana devotees to each other and spread teachings of Shri Narayana Guru
• Help socially and economically weak in education
• Work in cooperation with other organizations for the betterment of all.
• Educate members about all religions.
• Establish a Temple and a School.
• Provide financial help to victims of disasters.

Organizational Contributions
The Yogam engaged itself in the laudable efforts of eradicating untouchability and voicing the fundamental human rights of the working class. These efforts actually paved the way for many of Guru's followers to accept later the Marxist interpretation of socialism as their most acceptable ideal. Under the aegis of Dr. Palpu, Kumaran Asan, T. K. Madhavan, C.V. Kunjuraman, Moolur Padmanabha Panickar and others, several drastic changes were brought about in the social structure and texture of the Kerala community The role that Narayana Guru played was only of a catalyst and not as a fighter in the front lines. To others he set an example by his own personal life. His high dignity and sense of oneness with mankind did not allow him to give vent to anger or protestation against any particular person or community. He believed that there was only one caste for man and that was humanity. In this attitude he was uncompromising.This organisation has done invaluable service in the epic struggle against caste system in Kerala.
SNDP's follows Guru's social activities and its work is based the famous Quote of Guru:
“ Without differences of caste,
Nor enmities of creed',
Here it is, the model of an abode,
Where all live like brothers at heart

Organizational Structure
SNDP Yogam has been divided into 3 formation and they are
• Yogam (Top Level Body)
• Union (Middle Level)
• Sakhas (Lower level)
It is head-quartered in Kollam, Kerala.
Schools and Colleges
SNDP founded schools and colleges in the independent India. Previously the only private colleges were those managed by the Church. The movement started with SN College, Kollam and continued to late 70s. Great leaders like R. Sankar had the vision for future. According to M.A.John (idealist Congress leader), R. Sankar was the best Chief Minister kerala had and R. Sankar ministry laid the foundation for long term progress in Kerala - in the form of educational institutions and industries.
A Multicaste Organization
Though SNDP Yogam is mainly managed by Ezhava community, there is nothing in the bye-laws stopping other castes or religions into the body. As had been the case, many social reformers of other 'castes' were close friends or associates of SNDP Yogam. This include notable names like Mannathu Padmanabhan (founder of Nair Service Society), V.T.Bhattathiripad, M.C.Joseph(Rationalist) and in recent times Singer Yesudas and P.A.Backer who produced the movie on Sree Narayana Guru. Both Mannam and Marxist leader A.K.Gopalan were influenced by Guru and shed their caste endings from their names

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Head Quarters
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P.B No -512,Kollam
Phone :.0474-2742883,2746120


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